It’s been awhile since my last ootd post, Im not a legit fashion blogger so I guess I really don’t have anything to say about my outfit? haha Just that this was during our Valentines/Chinese New Year celebration with the family. I was supposed to wear red but I couldn’t find one in my closet, so I just chose this orange dress instead.haha

and just like that it’s already march, it feels like yesterday was just Christmas and now it’s almost the end of another school year. Although that sounds pretty good, I still can’t believe I only have almost two weeks to finish plates,projects,reports and final exams. I guess from this day onwards I’ll be on full beast mode for school  I can do this! I believe! plus I’ll be turning 20 (tweenteen!) this month, so I’m still hoping for the best. Gotta be happy for twenty years of existence, Thank God and the people who’s been with me since day one and made my life more wonderful. 


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