And just like that the summer breeze slowly drifted away….

Life lately has been full of spontaneity and unexpected adventures. The past few months has been a life changing experience, It’s not that drastic where I get my life turned the other way around. lol It’s more of actually stepping out beyond the line, which I unconsciously drawn for myself,  and knowing what I can still actually do. I feel like I’ve reached something that I didn’t know I’m actually aiming for.

A recap of summer 2016…


We were still busy by this time working on plates chasing deadlines (rather getting chased by deadlines), studying for exams and of course the elections. Guess what? I ran for presidency and I’m now the incoming president of our department’s Atelier council. I did thought of a lot of things before stepping in this role, I admit that it’s a big shoe to fill in by a small creature like me, which is the reason why I was hesitant at first. But ever since I took the responsibility and obligations, I’ve never been this willing to serve and determined to grow as a student leader. Along with my co-officers we’ve created the  Service with Quality through Unified Alliances and Discipline a.k.a S.Q.U.A.D, a collaboration of 3 organizations in our department; Atelier Council, Uapsa-USA Chapter and Pubukad Artist Group. Together we will be working hand in hand in our programs, advocacies and activities, surely will be aiming for bigger goals. I believe this school year is something to look forward to for the Architecture Department and I’m hoping for the best. Will be documenting along the way. So it’s something this blog won’t miss for sure.


Research, plates, and presentations finally done. Our road to fourth year wasn’t that easy. Trust me when I say that my 3rd year in Architecture School was full of daw-ma-shift-nako moments. haha there were tears and coffee was our only hope of getting things done. Time management is the key guys, I didn’t know how I actually survived those gruelling days but thank God I did.

The rest of the month was more of making up for those Zzzz’s I have missed. And I still work for my grandfather during, being his personal driver/secretary/apprentice.



The most awaited month,  where we went to our 1st UAPSA International Congress in Palawan. I have so many stories to tell and I can’t wait till I finish editing vlogs and photos from our escapade. It’ll be up before you know it, so stay tuned.

As soon as we came back from the trip, the next day we all went to school for our workshop and of course council duties. And from that day on I never left the school grounds, just kidding! Although I’ve been going to school almost every day for important matters, It felt weird. haha I used to hate going to school all the time, now I think I got the hang of it? maybe, just maybe.


Days before the month started, there were anxieties. haha thinking that It’s going to be the start of our school year and our year for student service. There were doubts, that I somehow prevailed. I realized that worrying won’t help , it will only ruin the present and will keep you preoccupied doing absolutely nothing. Which means wasting time and making you unaware of all the things you still have to do and keeping you from enjoying the moment . If  you ever feel the same for reasons , I think you should stop overthinking and start focusing on what really matters.

In my case, SQUAD goals. We’ve accomplished our main agendas for the month, Strategic Planning, Do Day and just last saturday we had our team building. It turned out successful and sooooo much fun. Woke up the other day with my whole body aching, but It was all worth it and I’m proud to say that I’ll be working with amazing people throughout the year.



The classes officially started. I’m currently working on application forms, calendar of activities, drafts and editing posts for the blog. Plus still need to finish my working area renovations. If you follow me on snapchat, you’ll know what I mean. Speaking of renovations, if you guys noticed I made a big change in the history of this online journal of mine. The sudden change of my blog title to Paradox, but why? It’s more of an impulsive decision actually, Defying Gravity will still be the core foundation, I’m happy of what it is now and there’s no regrets. Don’t worry  I’ll tell you that sudden late midnight story of mine soon. For now, I think its time for me to hit the sack. Till the next! 🙂

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” -Theodore Roosevelt


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