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As you are reading this, you might have noticed a few changes in my blog since the last time you saw it. Here’s the thing, I’ve been trying to conquer an indecisive battle with myself regarding a very big decision. After a tedious decision making, I finally did it! I’ve taken a big leap and moved in a whole new blogging platform. And as of this moment I just want to welcome you to Defying Gravity’s new home.

I didn’t really thought that I’d move from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress so soon. From tumblr to blogger, and now I’m here. Everything is different and a little bit scary, but hey, change is good. So far, aside from getting my own domain, this has been another best thing I’ve done and I have no regrets, whatsoever.

For almost a month of contemplating whether I should move or not. I’ve actually done a little research and a lot of bloggers say that sooner or later you’ll want to transfer into a self hosted blog. So I thought, why not now? So then that’s when the process started.Transferring here wasn’t as easy as what I’ve expected, I did got stuck with a few glitches while I was importing and there’s still things that needs to be fixed. Hopefully I’d get it done soon.

Now that it reached a whole new level of change, I would like to thank everyone who contributed, helped, inspired me in making all these possible.

My blogging history is not really on the top of the light case and I know that I still have a lot of things to work on, I always keep in my mind that there’s always a room for improvement. As what I said in my previous posts, this is my happy project and as long as I’m alive and kicking, I’ll keep this blog going.

I’m happy to what this blog has become. After the moving and editing process, I’ve finally settled in and I think I’ll be staying here for a long time. Home, sweet home. 🙂


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