This is actually my first time to share one of our school plates, or have I done it before? oh well, this won’t be the last, that I can tell you. This one right here is a group plate a.k.a Megan’s Condo, for AR347 : Architectural Interiors.

ai-megan's room3

Our problem was to design a condo unit, for our client named Megan, which is not furnished and proper locations of certain areas are not yet defined. We were given a very unconventional space, not to mention some unnecessary walls and spaces that we took.

ai-megansroom2 ai-megan's room1

As part of our required project scenario, we considered to have the condo unit in a compact design, with multi-functional furniture pieces for a space saving and well organized place to live in. And here’s what our group has accomplished.

We reported and passed this plate in manual render, as what we were supposed to do. I did snap our final output, but unfortunately I forgot to save it. ( I know, I know it’s my fault and I’ve learned my lesson. haha Anyways, I do have of our computer rendered output. So tadaaaa!

So what do you guys think?Just comment below or send me an email. I would love to know your comments and suggestions.


Plate Submitted by:
Elmer Prudente Jr., Mark Melvin Minerva, Dream Surmion, Joe Anne Tono, Rodito Sevilla, Dominic Solis, Lea Torres

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