One of my favorite plate so far from last semester’s design subject, Site Development. Our design problem as a group was to design Iloilo Esplanade 3. We were given the freedom to choose whether we want to work on it manually or in digital presentation, by now I think you already got the idea on what we’ve chosen. And here it is! presenting…

Tres: Iloilo Esplanade 3

The 3rd latest addition to the famous riverside park in the city of love, with three of the most important aspects combined.

CULTURE – Depicting the different festivals of different towns in Iloilo, and the old traditions of the young. Fiestas are like parks in a way that people could spend time and even by having a simple conversation. This is where we enjoy interacting with other people and build better relationships through the time we have with friends, family and loved ones.

NATURE – The proposed masterplan has designs that resembles nature or what is also known as Green Design; Roof Gardens, Curve lines that suggest serenity and relaxation, nature inspired structures and strategies. It is also equipped with different energy saving panels, wide open areas for effective wind flow, biomimicry and the use of trees both for aesthetics and natural shading system.

ARCHITECTURE – Organic Architecture, architecture in line with nature. Designs that complement that natural environment. In this case, complementing the river and the existing landscape, keeping the atmosphere calm and peaceful as possible. You’re somewhat like planting structures and building plants at the same time.

aerial 1

We’ve divided the esplanade into four main areas. The first part includes….


The bridge, connecting the existing development of the esplanade 3 near diversion road to our new design location.


The wide open area which also includes the Bas Reliefs showing that culture, the iconic symbols and of course the history of Iloilo.



The pathway and the bike lane


Public Comfort Rooms.

aerial 2

The second main area includes the center activity area, and viewing decks.


aerial 4

The third area, which includes the water features of the esplanade, the light house and boat rentals for kayaking,  children’s playground and also the souvenir shop/commercial building.



scene17 scene10 scene10closer scene11 scene12


aerial 3

and finally the fourth area, which is mainly the parking area and picnic garden. And at night it is used as a drive-in theatre.

scene15 scene16

Together, the proposed master plan of Iloilo Esplanade 3, combines culture, nature and architecture in a whole new dimension. A place for everyone to enjoy and be with their loved ones, to relax and take a break from their busy life in the city.

Appreciating the Culture, Embracing Nature and Living the Architecture…

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