Ang Unang Paglalayag

Hello there! It’s already August and I feel like everything’s moving too fast. Recently we’ve been having our prelims and I still got major exams to take which will be given not until next week, since some of us, including me will be leaving for an important event. Will tell you all about it soon.

And not only that, We’re also preparing, together with the Atelier Council, Uapsa and Pubukad, for two major events. One is ACARE, which is a national conference and the other one is our schools Patron Saint’s Day, which is almost a week of celebration. So a lot of stuff will be happening this month and I still have a lot of blogging to do too, I know I owe a lot already but don’t worry, everything is going according to plan.

Here’s a little teaser from our Palawan Trip and UAPSA’s 1st International Congress. You’ll see more from our first few days in Palawan, which was actually our summer escapade.haha

Some of you might ask, Balangay: Ang Unang Paglalayag is our Congress’ theme. And since this my first time to finally talk about it, I think it’s proper to use it as a blog title. haha You’ll know more through my Palawan 2016 series.  And good news guys, for the next Palawan posts I’ll be blogging and adding vlogs at the same time. So stay tuned for surprises. lol

For now here it is, and btw don’t forget to like UAPSA – USA Chapter’s  Facebook page and of course photos and promotional video, from & made by the amazing Vam Macabanti and friends. Thank you VamVam!

stay gold.




  1. Nana

    oh i remember the word balangay on my civics class before hahaha. had a great week ahead dear =)

    15 . Aug . 2016
    • Joe Anne

      Honestly that was my first time to encounter that word, but now I know. lol Thank you!

      06 . Nov . 2016

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