Looks like my title puns are not getting any better, but for me its kinda punny. lol my jokes are even worse. So I’m currently on a glorious sembreak, but not for long tho….

I just got time to update since I still had working drawings to finish (Btech), plus some follow ups from my other major subjects. And of course, Org work. Since enrollment is going on, officers are on duty for signing of clearances and meetings. So basically I get to spend my sembreak at school. haha but that’s org life, I chose this and honestly I kinda love what I’m doing, and I’m more than thankful to have wonderful people working with me. Thank you and love you guys!

and again we’ll be busy for the last two months of the year, for the preparation and the annual celebration of the National Architecture Week. Acads + Org works, wish us luck. Stressul, I know, but I gotta do what I gotta do. If I have time I’ll be updating the events here too. Fingers crossed.



Since my last update, we were busy at school with events, plates and exams. We finished our Design+Planning Problem on time and even aced the deliberation. Which was the main reason I didn’t get to blog. I had to manage all the time that I have and thankfully we finished with flying colors. Only when I got into my course that I get to appreciate the 24 hours of a day and also

And now that I’m moving on to the next level (2nd semester), here’s what I’ve considered as major accomplishments from the previous sem.

  1. Team Building, with the best team.
  2. Arki Bootcamp 2016 (Acquaintance Party), even tho we didn’t have power until the expected start of the program, behind all the panics and stress we still did get to run the program smoothly and ended with big smiles and free food.
  3. AGBAYAN16, Leadership training with fellow augustinian student leaders at Mambukal Resort Bacolod.
  4. ACARE16, was one of the biggest opportunity for us students and of course for the Arki Department, as this year’s host of the national conference. Had the chance to meet professors from other universities and learn from presentations of their best thesis. Which is a big help for me since I’ll be working on my Pre-thesis this incoming sem.
  5. Design + Planning Plate,World of Wonders (WOW) Eco & Amusement Park. Our final plate is something I’m really proud of . I learned a lot and got to work with new group mates and with different personalities, and I’m really glad I had each one of them in my group. After almost a week of living together in one house, there were so many memories that I wouldn’t want to lose. I had a great time working with them even during stressful times and all our hard work finally paid off during our successful deliberation.

img_6350 img_6339

1st sem has been great for me and hopefully it doesn’t end here, I’ll be thinking of positive till the end.

Looking forward to…

  • Posting Backlogs, hopefully I get to post EVERYTHING before the end of the year.
  • Better class schedule
  • Getting the new 2017 Starbucks Planner, started collecting stickers earlier. dibs on the Siren design. hehe
  • The incoming National Architecture Week (NAW 2016), one of the biggest event of the year for Architects and Architecture Students.
  • New Adventures. This year I’ve become more enthusiastic and should I say bolder when it comes to travelling and going to new adventures. And I’ve finally made a bucket list, which got me more excited.
  • Community Service, something we have been planning for a few months already and can’t wait to share all about it.
  • Architecture, Writing and Blogging, passion is life.
  • New Posts and Vlogs, soon.


Btw, these photos we’re taken at Miagao Church during our ACARE Heritage Tour, we assisted and documented the whole conference and the tour along with Architects in the academe, from all over the country. All about ACARE2016 will be posted before the end of the year. Too many backlogs already, but I’m working on it, and I promise to leave nothing unposted.

stay gold,




  1. Nate de Coco


    04 . Nov . 2016
  2. Nate de Coco

    hahaha! idol

    04 . Nov . 2016
    • Joe Anne

      Thaaaaank yooou! haha

      06 . Nov . 2016
  3. Keith Tristan

    gwapo ako

    04 . Nov . 2016
    • Joe Anne

      Sure tan! hahaha

      06 . Nov . 2016
  4. Dyosa

    I love your blog! I’m always looking forward for your new posts and goodluck! <3

    04 . Nov . 2016
    • Joe Anne

      Thank you so much carolyn! :*

      06 . Nov . 2016

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